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Vitamin C - Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Cure All Formula!

This advanced Health Formula was produced with the finest raw materials and the highest standards of manufacturing in mind guaranteeing %100 absorption! Vitamin C significantly Influences a vast range of bodily functions. It is a must for the maintenance of good heath. It provides significant protection against all viral and microbial illnesses, flu epidemics, and works against the onset of any bacterial infections as well as stress, and enhances the activities of the IMMUNE SYSTEM. It protects blood vessels and improves your chances of fighting diabetes and arteriosclerosis. This technologically advanced effervescent formula is produced to better help your body create collagen, which has a supportive effect in human tissues such as muscles, tendons, and cartilage and skin. This effervescent Vitamin C will help speed up the healing process, and alleviate joint and muscle soreness. Vitamin C deficiency shows itself mainly through increased fatigue, irritability, loss of sleep and low resistance to colds and infections. Each added stress on the body leads to increased use of Vitamin C, which MUST be compensated in an appropriate manner! Those particularly in need of increased levels of Vitamin C are pregnant and nursing women, sport players, smokers and consumers of alcohol. In addition, 14 amino acids, (The Building Blocks of Life) have been added.

The reasoning for the formulation of this extraordinary effervescent product is the logic behind the health benefits of its key ingredient, simply Vitamin C or L-Ascorbate. Consequently, it seems to be best to discuss its benefits in the following categorized manner for your better understanding.

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C or L-Ascorbate is a vital nutrient to humans. Its presence is absolutely necessary for a diversity of metabolic reactions. While almost all organisms produce it internally, humans seem to be an exception. Its deficiencies in all of us cause scurvy and many other problems!

The pharmacophore of Vitamin C is the “Ascorbate Ion”. In all living organisms, “Ascorbate” is an “Antioxidant”, which protects the body against “Oxidative Stress”, and is a “Cofactor” in many vital “Enzymatic” reactions. A minimum daily use of 1000 mg of Vitamin C is a must for all of us!

Scurvy is an avitaminosis resulting from lack of vitamin C. The lack of this wonderful vitamin the synthesized “Collagen” is too unstable to meet its function. Scurvy leads to the formation of liver spots on the skin, spongy gums, and bleeding from all mucous membranes. The spots are most abundant on the thighs and legs, and a person with the ailment looks pale, feels depressed, and is partially immobilized. In advanced scurvy there are open, suppurating wounds and loss of teeth and, eventually, death. The human body can store only a certain amount of vitamin C, and so the body soon depletes itself if fresh supplies are not consumed.

Vitamin C has been considered by many of us as a “Universal Panacea” since the beginning of the great “Vitamin C” movement, promoting high doses of this fabulous compound, by great names as Robert Cathcart, Ewan Cameron, Steve Hickey, Irwin Stone, Matthias Rath and the TWICE NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATE Linus Pauling. This product, can indeed, in many cases, cure a wide range of common and/or lethal diseases, notably the common cold, heart disease, AIDS, and many others. Probably the most controversial issue, the putative role of ascorbate in the management of AIDS, is still unresolved, more than 16 years after the landmark study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) showing that non toxic doses of ascorbate suppress HIV replication in vitro.

A preliminary study published in the Annals of Surgery found that the early administration of antioxidant supplementation using α-tocopherol and ascorbic acid reduces the incidence of organ failure and shortens ICU length of stay in this cohort of critically ill surgical patients. Furthermore, dehydroascorbic acid, the main form of oxidized Vitamin C in the body, was shown to reduce neurological deficits and mortality following stroke, due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

In January 2007 the US Food and Drug Administration approved a Phase I toxicity trial to determine the safe dosage of intravenous vitamin C as a possible cancer treatment for "patients who have exhausted all other conventional treatment options. In February 2007, a study of 39 terminal cancer patients showed an improvement in their health, cancer symptoms as well as daily activities after the administration of high-dose intravenous vitamin C. The researchers concluded, "Although there is still controversy regarding anticancer effects of vitamin C, the use of vitamin C is considered a safe and effective therapy to improve the quality of life of terminal cancer patients".

Other facts are that vitamin C enhances iron absorption. Iron poisoning can become an issue to people with rare iron overload disorders, such as haemochromatosis. These individual ought to pay attention to high dosages of vitamin C. For decades, large doses of vitamin C have been speculated to trigger oxalate formation and increase absorption of dietary oxalate, possibly causing kidney stones. However, this speculation may not be justified since there is no clear relationship between excess ascorbic acid intake and kidney stone formation!


Iceberg Laboratories, Inc. is a formulator and manufacturer of the finest pharma quality, small molecularly structured “Effervescent Dietary Health Supplements”. Our exclusive products are formulated to be fully buffered, perfectly balanced, 100% absorbable and with a refreshing taste will give you an immediate boost of physical and mental energy every time!


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