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Ginkgo Biloba Green Tea
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Vitamin C 1000+Zinc
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Vitamin C 1000
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Our Purposes.
We dedicate ourselves to humanity’s quest for longer, healthier, happier lives through innovations in dietary supplements. Our products encircle life, from newborns to aging adults. We have a diverse family of Nutritional Products from “Immune Shield” to “Children’s Multivitamins”.

Iceberg retains a staff of qualified professionals including chemists, biochemists, and pharmacist with continuous training in emerging and novel technologies to help design develop and manufacture quality products and delivery systems of various effervescent products that are stable, safe and effective.

Effervescent Technology/ Iceberg Technology.
ICEBERG LABS’ effervescent technology is a proven drug and dietary supplement delivery system with several advantages compared with traditional delivery forms such as pills, tablets or liquid formulations. The followings are some of primary reasons for its superiority:

A.ICEBERG LABS’ primary effervescent products advantages are its complete and faster absorption potential, faster onset of action and reduced gastrointestinal side effects. Of course, faster absorption means faster onset of action, critical in treating acute physical symptoms or immediate boost of energy. Consequently, your body will absorb all of our products’ ingredients quickly, completely and uniformly in less than 15 minutes!

B.ICEBERG LABS’ effervescent solutions circumvent the problems associated with swallowing solid pills, tablets or capsules, making our formulations quite attractive as dietary supplements and pharma products. This is particularly true when targeting the pediatric and geriatric populations.

C. Gentler on the Digestive Tract.
(1.) Effervescent dietary supplements dissolve fully in a buffered solution. ICEBERG LABS’ Buffered preparations with adjustable stomach pH, optimizes our formula performance characteristics and absorption potential. Consequently, our effervescent dietary supplements are delivered to the stomach at a pH that is just right for absorption, reducing localized contact with the upper gastrointestinal tract and providing much less irritation and greater tolerability.
(2.) Our buffering technology also prevents gastric acids from interacting with the dietary supplements themselves, which can be a major cause of upset stomach. Iceberg’s effervescent products allow for very fast absorption into the bloodstream due to the effect of the buffered drink on the stomach. In short, the stomach empties much more quickly into the small intestine, where the majority of ingredients are absorbed.

D.ICEBERG LABS’ effervescent vitamins, minerals & herbals supplement tablets are designed as an efficient delivery system for effective nutrient absorption. They are easily digested as opposed to traditional pills, tablets, liquids or soft gels due to their breakdown of large molecules into small and more easily digestible molecular structures. Here, your intake of Iceberg supplements is being used to it’s full potential unlike traditional formats and penetrates your blood stream within less than 15 minutes! The inefficient and difficult absorption process of the traditional pill or tablet does lead to stomach discomfort and distress and a lack of proper absorption.

E.As we age, our digestive system’s potential to absorb diminishes. This is where Iceberg’s Effervescent Technology steps in for dietary supplement as well as pharmaceutical use!

F.Iceberg’s effervescent technology is an excellent option for those with a sensitive digestive tract system.

G.The physician’s Desk Reference shows that dietary supplements in the traditional format are only 10 to 50 percent absorbed by the body. So, up to %50 of what you take is literally wasted in comparison to Iceberg’s effervescent dietary supplements. Furthermore, you also have the quality aspect of the products to consider too! Whether the supplements you are consuming are formulated using “food quality”, “feed quality”, a mixture of them, or are they pharma quality! As we say in the business, what you pay is what you get!

H.Effervescent dietary supplements are more easily transportable than liquid ones; because no water is added until it is ready to be used.

I.One effervescent tablet can often take the place of multiple tablets, capsules and even supplemental injections.

J.Dietary supplements manufactured with Iceberg’s patented technology taste better than most liquids, mixtures and suspensions. Limiting objectionable characteristics and complementing formulations with special flavors and fragrances achieve our superior taste masking. Furthermore, our effervescent dietary supplements will retain their flavor after lengthy storage time.

K.Iceberg’s effervescent products possess an excellent stability and portability structure, due to our special effervescent formulation techniques.

L.Iceberg’s effervescent dietary supplements, delivered using our own improved techniques, have very predictable and reproducible pharmacokinetic profiles that are much more consistent than tablets, capsules or any other available formats.

Other Effervescent Technology Considerations.
(1.) Effervescent dietary supplements are easier and more convenient than other products to administer.
(2.) They have less chances of misuse.
(3.) They have the ability to combine multiple active ingredients.

Effervescent Technology Overview.
Effervescent products are based on a chemical incompatibility between bicarbonate and an acidic source.
This reaction is an autocatalytic reaction catalyzed by the presence of water and heat, that generates CO2 in solution:
HCO3- (+) H+ ------> CO2 + H2O.
The control of the reaction is made by a strict control of the residual amount of moisture during the process and on the final dosage form (tablets).
When an effervescent product is dropped into a glass of water, the reaction between the acid and the sodium bicarbonate is quite rapid, usually completed within 1 min or less.

Effervescent Technology. How it happens.
Effervescence leads to an increase of absorption in a number of ways. These include reducing the thickness and/or the viscosity of the mucus layer, which is present and adjacent to the gastrointestinal mucosa, loosening so-called tight junctions between cells, causing a change in the cell membrane structure to promote absorption into and through the cells, and increasing the hydrophobic environment within the cellular membrane.
Therefore, CO2 promotes the transport of DSs across a biological membrane. The mechanisms by means of which CO2 acts as an absorption promoter can be summarized as follows:
• 1. A solvent drag effect;
• 2. Opening of tight junctions;
• 3. Increase in the hydrophobicity of the cell membrane, thus promoting the absorption of hydrophobic Dietary Supplements.

Effervescent Technology & the Absorption of Calcium.
Calcium absorption is an excellent example of the benefits of effervescent technology.
“Calcium is a difficult substance to be digested and/or is disruptive to the stomach”.
As a classic example CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), the most widely used form of Calcium, is a proof of the excellence of this technology.
In normal tablet or powder, the calcium carbonate (in a healthy person) dissolves in the stomach acid, and is carried into the digestive system for absorption. As the CaCO3 dissolves, however, it releases CO2 [carbon dioxide], resulting in stomach gas!

On the other extreme, as a person ages, less and less acid is produced in the stomach. In these instances, the CaCO3 passes through the stomach in solid form, and causes constipation! By taking an effervescent formulation, the Ca is dissolved in water, and is readily available for the body to absorb, without stomach gas or constipation.

Acid Materials.
The acidity for the effervescent reaction can be obtained from three main sources: acids, acid anhydrides, and acid salts. Traditional sources of acid materials are the organic acids, citric and tartaric acid: however, some acids salts are also used.

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