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Our vision is to lead the way to a healthier world by the most efficient “Nutritional Body Transfer System”, and that been our chosen scientific path of “Effervescent Technology”.

It provides a perfect solution for the transfer of large dosages of a wide variety of active ingredients of nutritional supplements and/or pharmaceuticals into very small easily portable as well as dissolvable tablets that are guarantied full bodily absorption.

None of the other methods of transfers such as pills, regular tablets or liquid forms can even come close to this scientific technique of nutritional &/or pharmaceutical delivery system!

In contrast to effervescent tablets, ingredients carried in any other form average only up to 50% absorbability at its very best. In addition, some medical microscopic studies indicate that traces of unabsorbed synthetic contents of the pills do actually end up circulating in your bloodstream and have the potential to ultimately clog your arteries.

Effervescent tablets are uncoated products that generally contain acid substances along with carbonates or bicarbonates that react rapidly with each other in the presence of water by releasing carbon dioxide (CO2). In a more scientific way, one could express that the logic behind effervescent technology is entirely based on the chemical incompatibility between its acidic and bicarbonate sources.

The reaction is of course an autocatalytic reaction catalyzed by the presence of a liquid and heat which ends up generating CO2 in the solution [HCO3- (+) H+ -> CO2 + H2O]. Of course, the control of this chemical reaction is made by the residual amount of moisture during the process in addition to the final amount of dosage.

Consequently, when an effervescent tablet is dropped into a glass of water, the chemical reaction between the acid and the carbonate is quite rapid and it usually does not take in excess of one (1) minute for the tablet to be dissolved.


The science of effervescence is a dynamic field of study. The chemical reactions producing CO2 gives this science the best capability for our bodies to absorb dietary supplements and/or pharmaceuticals! The Carbon Dioxide created by the effervescent reaction does induce “enhanced active-ingredient permeability” due to an alteration of the paracellular pathway! This is the primary route of absorption for hydrophilic active ingredients in which solute diffuse into intercellular space between epithelial cells.

It helps reduce the thickness and the viscosity of the mucus layer which is present adjacent to the gastrointestinal mucosa, by which, loosening tight junctions between cells and there by causing a change in the cell membrane structure to promote absorption into and through the cells while increasing the hydrophobic environment within the cellular membrane.

Eichman & Robinson also demonstrated the potential of CO2 in the promotion and transportation of dietary supplements and drugs across biological membranes. Their research also describes the principles by which effervescence can change absorption of drugs as well as dietary supplements through (1.) a solvent drag; (2.) opening of tight junctions; (3.) increase in the hydrophobicity of the cell membrane, thus promoting the absorption of hydrophobic compounds.

Effervescent tablets constitute various ingredients and are dissolved in liquids, to be absorbed quickly, completely and uniformly by the body! Let us not forget that with a high quality well-formulated effervescent product entering the stomach, where the ingredients are already evenly distributed in the solution, highly localized concentration of the compounds cannot occur! It is very important to understand that the effervescent solution that you are drinking and your stomach is receiving is well buffered! This means that the solution contains a balanced ratio of acids and carbonates! Therefore, a buffered effervescent solution adjusted to the stomach pH optimizes a full absorption of all the ingredients of the product. Consequently dictating a faster absorption and a quicker onset of action. The reverse of this is also true.

Conventional dietary supplements in the form of solid tablets, liquids or capsules are transported to the stomach to be gradually dissolved.

The passage through the stomach will take variably long depending on people based on their anatomical and physiological factors and the formulation of the products. In any case a longer passage time is required.

This is where compounds in solid forms can dissolve only partially and cause irritation of the mucous membranes.

Finally, our effervescent products have been formulated and manufactured to have an excellent chemical stability as well as and portability characteristics.

They even surpass the liquid forms of pharmaceuticals as well as dietary supplements. In addition, we at Iceberg have spent much time developing the best combination of products to bring about finest taste for our products.

We achieved this by limiting the objectionable characteristics of some of the utilized compounds and complementing our formulations with the finest flavors and fragrances available.



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