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Advantages of Effervescent Technolgy -

ICEBERG LABS’ Effervescent dietary supplement tablets are designed as an efficient delivery system for effective nutrient absorption. The following points are just a few scientific facts that could be mentioned:

Acts Faster -

  1. Faster absorption means faster onset of action, critical in treating acute symptoms such as pain.
  2. Buffered preparations with adjustable stomach pH optimize formula performance characteristics. Effervescent products allow for very fast absorption into the bloodstream due to the effect of the buffered drink on the stomach. In short, the stomach empties much more quickly into the small intestine, where the majority of ingredients are absorbed.
  3. Effervescent dietary supplements and drugs are delivered to the stomach at a pH that is just right for absorption.
  4. Many dietary supplements and medications travel slowly through the gastrointestinal tract or have absorption that is hampered by food or other chemicals. To achieve desired absorption levels, such dietary supplements or drugs are often administered as injections or with increased dosages.

Easier to Swallow -

  1. Effervescent dietary supplements or medications go down easier than tablets or capsules because individuals swallow them in liquid form. Plus, “there are a growing number of people who cannot, or dislike, swallowing tablets or capsules”.
    Dysphasia: Difficulty in Swallowing.
    Phagophobia: Fear of Swallowing.

Gentler on the Digestive Tract.

Effervescent dietary supplements dissolve fully in a buffered solution. Reduced localized contact in the upper gastrointestinal tract can mean less irritation and greater tolerability. Buffering also prevents gastric acids from interacting with the products themselves, which can be a major cause of stomach and esophageal [the part of alimentary canal that connects the throat to the stomach] upsets. Additionally, Dietary supplements taken in “liquid effervescent form” are easily digested as opposed to traditional pill or tablet due to breakdown of molecular structure. Consequently, Effervescent technology offers 100% absorption due to the breakdown of large molecules into small more easily digestible ones.

More Portable -

Effervescent dietary supplements are more easily transportable than their liquid counterparts because no water is added until they are ready to be used. One effervescent tablet can often take the place of multiple tablets, capsules and even injections.

Better Tasting -

Dietary supplements delivered with Iceberg’s patented technology taste better than most liquids, tablets, mixtures and suspensions. Iceberg’s superior taste masking is achieved by limiting objectionable characteristics and complementing formulations with flavors and fragrance and are formulated and manufactured to retain their flavor after lengthy storage time.

Superior Stability -

Excellent stability and portability is inherent with effervescent formulations, particularly surpassing liquid forms.

More Consistent Response -

Dietary supplements delivered using effervescent technology have very predictable and reproducible pharmacokinetic profiles that are much more consistent than tablets or capsules.

Other Effervescent Considerations.

  1. Easier and more convenient than other liquid products to administer.
  2. Less chance of misuse.
  3. Ability to combine multiple active ingredients, if therapeutically appropriate.
  4. The incorporation of large amounts of ingredients. A properly prepared effervescent tablet or powder can allow a large dose of ingredients to be taken in a single serving. The organic food acid combines with the carbonate source to form potassium, Na, Ca or Mg salts and buffers the solution to a normal pH, and so it is easy on the stomach.
  5. No need to swallow tablets.
  6. The product is typically self-mixing and flavorful.
  7. The inefficient and difficult absorption of the traditional pill or tablet also leads to stomach discomfort and distress.
  8. Effervescent technology is excellent for a sensitive digestive track system.

The Elderly. Many supplement’s dosages require several tablets to be swallowed at one time. The elderly, in particular, have more difficulty swallowing tablets as they age. With an effervescent system, one dose can usually be delivered in just three to four ounces of water, which is about what someone would need to swallow to take a conventional tablet. Additionally, AFTER THE AGE OF 40, OUR DIDESTIVE SYSTEMS BECOMES LESS EFFICIENT AS YEARS PASSES BY.

Optimal Compatibility. After swallowing, conventional solid tablets or capsules are transported to the stomach where they dissolve gradually. The passage takes variably long in different people, depending on anatomical and physiological factors. In case of a longer passage time, solid dosage forms can dissolve partially and this can cause irritation of mucous membranes. With a dissolved effervescent tablet, the ingredients are evenly distributed in the solution, so that high, localized concentrations cannot occur.


Dietary Supplements are nutritious elements. Therefore, they must provide a BOOST OF ENERGY when taken. If they do not, the body has not been able to absorb them fully or partially. ICEBERG LABS’ products are full guaranteed to be absorbed due to the following facts. First, it is made of the highest quality raw material, Pharma and not Food or Feed. Second, it is made of the smallest molecular structures. Three, it has NO IMPURITIES! NO ADDATIVES, NO CHEMICALS TO SPECIFY PLACE OF ABSORPTION, NO TIME DELAY CHEMICALS, NO PRESERVATIVES, and finally NO COLORING. Therefore, our products are formulated to be fully absorbed in less than 10 minutes and be of the highest nutritional value! They are also formulated and manufactured to be easily dropped in a sport bottle or a glass of liquid for use. Additionally, OUR PRODUCTS ARE FORMULATED TO BE TAKEN IN COMBINATION IF NEEDED!


Ingredients that are ideal for effervescent dosage form fall into several categories:

(A.) “Those ingredients that are difficult to digest or disruptive to the stomach”.
A classic example is CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), the most widely used form of Calcium.
In normal tablet or powder, the calcium carbonate (in a healthy person) dissolves in the stomach acid, and is carried into the digestive system for absorption. As the CaCO3 dissolves, however, it releases CO2 [carbon dioxide], resulting in stomach gas!
On the other extreme, as a person ages, less and less acid is produced in the stomach. In these instances, the CaCO3 passes through the stomach in solid form, and causes constipation! By taking an effervescent formulation, the Ca is dissolved in water, and is readily available for the body to absorb, without stomach gas or constipation.

(B.) “Those ingredients that must be consumed in large quantities”.
Effervescent ingredients serve to buffer the water so that the stomach receives a buffered solution and empties quickly.

(C.) “Those ingredients that are susceptible to light, oxygen or moisture”.
A typical formulation has less than 0.5% free moisture and should be packaged in 0.001” thick aluminum to completely block out any moisture, light, and oxygen.


** The physician’s Desk Reference shows that vitamins and minerals in a pill form are only 10 to 90 percent absorbed by the body. So, up to %90 of what you take is literally wasted.

** ICEBERG LABS’ PRODUCTS are manufactured from premium raw materials. They can be summarize in the following statements:

We utilize the finest “Raw Material”.
We do not use any fillers or any additives.
We have incorporated 14 Amino Acids in each of our products.
We guarantee “No Indigestion”.
We guarantee “No Gas”.
We Guarantee “100% Absorption” in less than 10 minutes.
We guarantee the “Health Benefits” of all of our Products for Daily Use!
Our products provide all the “Anti-Oxidants” known to Science.
We DO NOT incorporate Cancer Promoting Products such as Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Neotame or Saccharin in any of our Products!
We do not incorporate any Preservative in our products.
We do not incorporate any Coloring in our products.
We guarantee the best tasting effervescent dietary supplement in the industry.
Highest Effervescent Technology all in 4 gm tablet packages!

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