Immune Shield
Immune Shield Energy Drink
   Immune Shield & your Immune    System
   Immune Shield vs. Airborne

Arthritis Vitamin
   Arthritis Formula and
   Healthy Bones and Joints

ICE Probiotics
   ICE Probiotics Health Benefits

Ginkgo Biloba Green Tea
   Ginko Biloba & Green Tea -    your weightloss and memory    strengthening team!

Vitamin C 1000+Zinc
   Benefits of Vitamin C 1000+Zinc

Vitamin D3
   Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin C 1000
   Vitamin C - the ultimate    antioxidant cure all!

Kidz Multivitamins
   Children's Multivitamins -    optimal formula for physical and    mental development

Calcium 250
   Calcium Supplements for    Osteoporosis

   Calcium & Pregnancy


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you incorporate any Lactose in any of your Products?
Absolutely NOT! We do not incorporate any “Milk Base” products in our formulations.

Do you incorporate any “Preservatives” in any of your Products?
Absolutely NOT!

Do you incorporate any “Caffeine” in your Products?
Absolutely NOT! We are extremely health conscience at this Company! We only formulate and manufacture the “Finest Health Dietary Supplements in the World!” The only formula, which contains some amount of caffeine, is the “Gingko Biloba & Green Tea”. Regarding this substance, it is most interesting to recognize that “Green Tea” has about a quarter of the caffeine content, by liquid volume, of coffee!

Why are you a specialized “Effervescent Dietary Supplement Company”?
Because, this method of delivery system is the best and most efficient way of transferring dietary supplements as well as pharmaceutical products directly into our bodies and guaranteeing a 100% absorption!

How do I take your products?
Iceberg Products are formulated to be consumed on a daily bases. They are serious health dietary supplements formulated each for a specific purpose. Please, kindly review our product section for a breakdown of each and every one of our formulas.
In general, dissolve one or more tablets, in a glass of water, a sport water bottle or any form of liquid such as orange juice. Please, do not combine our products with milk, tea, coffee or any form of “hot” liquid. Consume them within an hour or less. Furthermore, you may also mix together as many different Iceberg formulas as you wish.

How many “Immune Shield” tablets per day should I take?
Understand that this formula is one of very finest dietary supplement on the market! It is formulated to fortify or solidly maintain your immune system. It is an effervescent dietary supplement designed to be taken on a daily basis, and preferably in the morning! This formula is so nutritious that it will immediately boost your immune system and energy level. Hesitate taking this product any time after 5 PM. This will keep you too energized to sleep at night!

In case of travel, particularly by plane or to places where a concentration of populous is present, do increase your daily intake to two (2) a day and consume them within six hours of each other. You also may consider adding an ICEBERG LABS’ Vitamin C-1000 to each of your consumptions. Please, review our product section corresponding to “Immune Shield” for more detailed information.

It is most important here to indicate our concerns for those on any kind of weight loss programs. Please, do be advised that it is a must for you not to disregard the intake of your very basic and necessary dietary supplements. Immune Shield is the perfect solution for those attempting to loss weight! It will help you replenish your crucial immune system needs as well as all other dietary supplements.

How many “Calcium 250” tablets per day should I take?
Preferably three (3) per day. Please, make sure that they are taken with time intervals. The body cannot absorb more than 250 mg per intake. A three (3) hour spread is absolutely necessary. You can mix this product with “Immune Shield”, Vitamin C-1000, or any other Iceberg formulas in the mornings and enjoy them. Furthermore, please do kindly review our product section corresponding to “Calcium 250” for more detailed information.

How many “Arthritis Vitamin” tablets per day should I take?
This would entirely depend on your level of bodily need and the stage of pain and “Osteoporosis” you are in. For those in the early stages of osteoporosis we recommend one (1) to two (2) a day for as long as the pain remains. For those in the more advance stages, we recommend two (2) to three (3) tablets per day. Please, do contact your physician for coordination and more advise. Furthermore, please review our product section corresponding to “Arthritis Vitamin” for more detailed information.

How many “Gingko Biloba & Green Tea” tablets per day should I take?
We do suggest that you take one (1) to two (2) per day. Particularly if you are trying to lose weight, enhance your memory, or enjoy an intake of large amounts of antioxidants. Lets not forget that “Green Tea” is known to improve your metabolic system helping you lose weight! On the other hand, “Gingko Biloba” is known to improve your memory! So, you must decide as to how much of this wonderful product you need. For more information, please do kindly review our product section corresponding to “Gingko Biloba & Green Tea”. Again, you may want to mix this product with any of our other formulas.

How many “KIDZ Multivitamins” tablets per day should our children take?
We do suggest that children between the ages of four (4) and twelve (12) take one (1) tablet a day. Preferably in the morning. We did give it a wonderful “Raspberry” flavor to ensure a delicious taste! In case of the flu, we would like to recommend an additional “Vitamin C-1000” to their intake. Please, do kindly review our product section under “KIDZ Multivitamins” for a detailed discussion of this product.

How many “Vitamin C-1000” tablets per day should I take?
We at ICEBERG LABS, adhere to the philosophy of high intake of Vitamin C as Nobel Price Laureate Linus Pauling did. But, on the very conservative side, we would like to recommend an intake of 1,000 mg of “Vitamin C-1000” taken within six (6) hours of each other. In case of cold or flu double the intake. As mentioned previously, you could also mix this wonderful vitamin with any of the other ICEBERG LABS’ effervescent products. For more information, please review our product section corresponding to “Vitamin C-1000”.

Should I take your dietary supplements while on medications?
Although we believe that all of our formulas are quite safe and should not interact with any medications, we generally recommend the advise of your physician while taking any dietary supplement.

How much water should I use?
It will all depend on the number of tablets you intend to take. If it is only one (1), six (6) ounces of liquid should be more than sufficient. If you did wish to take more than two (2) to four (4) tablets at once, then increase the amount of water to ten (10) ounces.

How long before my travel should I start taking “Immune Shield”?
”Immune Shield” is a superb “Daily Multivitamin, Mineral and Herbal” complex formula. It is meant to be taken on a daily basis ensuring a healthy and strong immune system. If you should decide to solely take this formula for traveling purposes, start taking it a day prior to your departure and maintain consuming “Immune Shield” on a twice (2) a day until your return.

Is it safe to take your formulas while pregnant or nursing?
Under these circumstances, we recommend that you consult your physician.

How is your product packaged?
There are 20 tablets in each crush-proof travel tube. This comes in a shelf-ready box.

Is your product something people would take seasonally, whenever facing an Immune Challenge, or often regularly? Why?

The Immune System, which is made up of a network of cells, tissues, organs, and proteins, work together to protect us against “infectious organisms” and “other invaders” on a constant basis disregarding seasons or any other variables. And, since our “Modern Lifestyle”, which is absolutely not on the healthy side with all of its high levels of daily stress, poor eating habits, environmental pollutions, lack of proper sleep, alcohol, caffeine, and what ever else that you can think of, makes maintaining &/or fortifying our Immune Systems on a daily basis a MUST! It is NO wonder that we are seeing more and more recurrent flus, colds, allergies, chronic fatigue, and much more! So, I did formulate the “Immune Shield” to help everyone withstand the hellish life that we are going through! It is made to be taken on a daily basis, summer winter or fall. It is formulated to build and maintain our Immune Systems to its maximum level so it would be always prepared for all adversities and not be taken only when you travel or you see flu coming your way! For that, I formulate the Vitamin C-1000!

How well known is your product for its Immune Benefits, and how much does education plays a role in your products success?

“Immune Shield” is a relatively new product of two years of age, and becoming exceedingly popular for its “Immune Health Benefits”. It is also our fastest selling product. Most of our Immune Shield customers return to place additional orders. “Education”, is of course, the very base of “preventive medicine”. Particularly, when the product is of an effervescent format, which guarantees 100% absorption of all its components. Effervescent Technology is of course in its infancy in the US. But, the future is guaranteed to grow in both fields of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements as the population ages and swallowing as well as absorption becomes more challenging for the populous.

Is Immune Health one of the top categories for natural products? Why do you think it is and or isn’t?

The answer is absolutely YES! The maintenance of our “Immune System” is of utmost importance to our survival. Consequently, any dietary supplement or organic food that helps to fortify or maintain it must be called a “Health Food”, which is categorized as nutritious food. Therefore, it must be placed at the top of the natural products categories.

Is Immune Health more challenging today than decades or centuries ago? What makes today’s Immune Care Challenging?

Absolutely! Today’s lifestyle with all its mental and physical challenges, as well as its world and local competitive economic pressures, is enough to give anyone the worst conceivable heart attack! It forces us to behave and live very close to an unsecured mechanized robot who’s live is dictated by its surrounding social and economic environment! The traditional family structure is almost none existent and individual physical and economic status has taken charge! Today’s lifestyle is highly complex and nerve racking! Please, do check the levels of suicides, mental patients, prisoners, divorces, murders and the rest in the US Government Data Base! The old days of our forefathers were relatively simple in comparison! Consequently, we must at least help our “Immune Systems” cope with this monstrously high rolling, fast acting, highly competitive and deadly way of living!

While there isn’t any easy way for consumers to judge the benefits of Multivitamins, Immune Products, especially cold & flu goods, it seems very result driven; is there a short window to prove your product’s worth to Immune Health consumers? Does this weed out poor products in the industry?

I quite disagree with you. There is an easy way to judge the effectiveness of dietary supplements and Immune Products! On the other hand, cold and flu are conditions directly related to the strength of our Immune System! Dietary Supplements, which also include Immune Products, are made of vitamins, minerals & herbs. These are nutrients. If you do consume them and not immediately feel their effects with an energy boost, then, they are not fully absorbed by your body. The problem arises here as to whether the quality of the product is of high integrity (feed, food with different levels of impurities or pharma), or the molecular structures used in the product are not the proper ones for absorption. Furthermore, will the compounds interact negatively with each other in the stomach when exposed to liquid? Plus, are all the elemental variables of the formula correctly balanced vis-à-vis each other to properly and full facilitate a full absorption of the product by your body? Is the formula water-soluble? Is it of an “Effervescent Format” that helps absorption? These are many questions that arise when scientifically formulating a dietary supplement. The consumer will feel the difference when taking one of our “Immune Shield” tablets! They will feel the energy boost! They will feel more energetic and alert! Our “Immune Shield” is extremely well balanced scientifically with all the proper amounts of minerals, vitamins, herbs such as Echinacea & Ginger, Co-Q10 and all the amino acids needed. Furthermore, it is of an “Effervescent Format”, which guarantees a total absorption, plus the formula is fully buffered to protect your stomach.

Regarding “the weeding process of poor and ineffective products from the market place”, I can only say that “it is an unfortunate economic fact”.

What kind of growth do you see in the Immune Sector of the Natural Products Industry over the next few years?

The subject of boosting our Immune Systems has been around for millenniums. Of course, in our forefathers’ days, they were more in the form of natural organic products such as vegetables, fruits, unhindered meat with sludge, hormones, antibiotics and ionizing radiation processes, growth steroids and the likes! But now, with all the new technologies at hand, we certainly are looking to a brighter and more proper growth in this vital industry. The future of this form of product will definitely expanse. This will be due to our customers’ serious demand for a more mental and physical uplifting as well as health promoting products. Lets not forget that we are in the 21st century, and maximum enjoyment of life through good health and the extension of it rank amongst the highest priorities in our lives.

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